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Legal Knowledge Graphs (LKG)

I.            Introduction In the world of law, knowledge is power. Legal professionals, whether they are lawyers, judges, or legal researchers, they all rely on vast volumes of information to make informed decisions, build persuasive arguments, and navigate the intricate web of laws, regulations, and case precedents. In the era of technology-driven innovation, legal knowledge graphs are emerging as […]

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LegalTech and Return on Investment (ROI)

I.            Introduction When purchasing new technology in legal industry it is very important to try to understand the value of your investment, in the terms of benefits and returns that investment brings to you or your business. Investing in legal technology is a business decision and its crucial to consider, if the benefits outweigh the costs. The term […]

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Legal Data Science as a Tool to Increase Legal Efficiency

I.            Introduction The vast majority of the population embraced the fact that life without technology is no longer possible. The amount of information that reaches us increases every day, be it true or false. Data is the centre of all informed decision-making and the legal industry is here no exception. Lawyers deal with large amount of […]

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Are Alternative Legal Service Providers an Ally or a Threat to Law Firms?

I.            Introduction This article challenges the belief that only traditional law firms can provide legal services and legal advice. Those who think that “traditional” means the impossibility to change should ask themselves how and when the law firm emerged in the first place. Hence, it’s time to accept that a new era in the provision of legal services has […]

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The use of Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Work

I.            Introduction The concept of digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are often confused in the everyday language. When we talk about digitalisation, we usually mean the replacement of traditional case management systems supported by paper-based processes and isolated Information Technology (IT) systems with various electronic means, sub-processes and systems that are connected in real time. Online forms instead […]

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E-Discovery and Legal Technology in EU

E-discovery, or electronic discovery, is the process of collecting, processing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) for use as evidence in legal proceedings. E-discovery is commonly used in common law legal systems. It is used in the initial phases of court proceedings when involved parties are required to provide relevant records and evidence related to a case. […]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Impact on the Legal Profession

I.            Definition Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligence demonstrated by computers and machines which includes perceiving and synthesizing information with purpose to make decisions. It is an umbrella term for a range of algorithm-based technologies that solve complex tasks. Goal of AI is to mimic capabilities of the human mind. The ideal purpose of AI would […]

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Cracking NFTs and Intellectual Property

I.            Introduction Out of 18.400 cases filed in the federal court of the United States each year, around 12.000 are intellectual property cases[1]. Intellectual property infringements are more common than one would expect. Artists’ eagerness to prosper and fulfill their artistic career is eclipsed by these transgressions. Nevertheless, technology has advanced up to a certain point […]

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Could ChatGPT be a Good Alternative for Legal Counsels?

I.            Introduction Very recently we have seen a flood of articles and online discussions accompanied by waves of enthusiastic opinions, about the use of the trending software solution ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a tool which use Artificial Intelligence to chat, answer questions, create content, write code and debug, take tests, manipulate data, explain and tutor. What is more ChatGPT can […]

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Legal Research

Legal Research of LegalTech is creative activity and the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decision-making.

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance means provision of legal advice, counseling and representation by a competent lawyer with sufficient expertise in certain field of expertise.

Legal Innovation

Legal Innovation is a set of steps where the goal is to made legal practice more efficient. As a consequence clients get valuable legal solution.

Legal Design and Gamification

Legal design is the application of human-centered design to the world of law, to make legal systems and services more human-centered, usable, and satisfying. Gamification is a step further, where adding game elements encourage user to achieve certain goal.

Legal Automation and Process Improvement

Legal automation and process improvement is execution of legal tasks, processes, and workflows, in part or entirely performed by machines previously trained by experts.

Legal Marketplace

In the legal market legal services are provided either by the automated platform or a lawyer. Legal marketplace concentrate legal services and facilitate its delivery to the users.

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