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Knowledge Centre builds important part of LexRatio web page. The general information on LegalTech is too often spreaded across different sources and presented in its own way. In Knowledge base section we aggregated the information and present it in structured manner too bring all the important information to one point and to make navigation through information easier. If you noticed that any of sources you are aware of should be added to the list, feel free to reach out.

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    LegalTech Glossary is here to help to quickly navigate through main and important LegalTech and closely related concepts.

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    Reading Material

    LegalTech Reading Material will help to find different detailed information about various LegalTech related topics.

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    LegalTech Podcasts are live interviews recording released as a series of new episodes available at regular intervals concentrating on various LegalTech related topics.

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    Courses and Programs

    With the power of the internet the information can be easily shared and exchanged online. LegalTech Online Courses and Programs can be a valuable source of comprehensive LegalTech information and opportunity to network with experts.