Legal Services

Zajeta slika5

LexRatio has a team of professional legal experts with several years of practice who can advise you in various legal areas with focus on Slovenian and EU legislation:

A) Consulting on establishing proper legal entity

  • establishing limited liability company and other common types of legal entities considering business of founders
  • restructuring of existing companies
  • advising on other corporate matters concerning establishing legal entity

B) Legal documents preparation

  • Co-founders Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Articles of Association
  • Option Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Internal Acts

C) Regulatory Aspect 

  • Representing and preparing opinions for regulatory authorities
  • Communication with the authorities

D) Software Agreements  

  • Software License Agreement
  • Software Development Agreement
  • Software Maintenance Agreement
  • Source Code License Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Mobile Application Development Agreement
  • Website Development Agreement
  • In-app Advertising Agreement
  • Application Distribution Agreement
  • Platform License Agreement
  • Cloud Hosting Agreement

E) Other Commercial Agreements  

  •  Manufacturing Agreement
  • Tooling Supply Agreement
  • Product Development Agreement
  • Agency Agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Profit Sharing Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement

Other Services

  • preparing legal opinions
  • legal risk assessment
  • DATA protection services