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Tena Krznarić is a last year law student at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law and LegalTech Researcher at LexRatio as a part of her #erasmusplus practice. She completed various courses and taken part in exchange study programs where she also covered and researched topics related to #law and #technologies.

Legal Knowledge Graphs (LKG)

I.            Introduction In the world of law, knowledge is power. Legal professionals, whether they are lawyers, judges, or legal researchers, they all rely on vast volumes of information to make informed decisions, build persuasive arguments, and navigate the intricate web of laws, regulations, and case precedents. In the era of technology-driven innovation, legal knowledge graphs are emerging as […]

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Legal Data Science as a Tool to Increase Legal Efficiency

I.            Introduction The vast majority of the population embraced the fact that life without technology is no longer possible. The amount of information that reaches us increases every day, be it true or false. Data is the centre of all informed decision-making and the legal industry is here no exception. Lawyers deal with large amount of […]

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