Technical Services

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LexRatio does not only have a team of professional legal experts, but also network of technical experts who can assist our clients in improving efficiency of their legal processes and thus reduce operational costs. Understanding Law and Technology simultaneously is winning combination for the success of our clients.

We can offer following services:

Legal Technology and Process Improvement

  • Identify and recommend organizational and operational process improvement, workflows, and automation opportunities to meet the growth trends and operating needs of the organization
  • Evaluate, implement, and train staff on software tools and other legal department technology solutions to support the legal department’s operations (e.g., contract management, corporate governance systems, e-discovery, e-billing, knowledge management)
  • Prepare, supervise and track legal department objectives. Build metrics and trends on key data points aligned to the Legal team’s key objectives and strategic plan, as well as overall department effectiveness and efficiency
  • Build and conduct training for legal resources and internal business partners on legal processes and policies
  • Development of legal knowledge management content, including the development of service offerings from identification to implementation

Business Process Management and Operations

  • Develop and lead a global contracting approach for vendors and customers in coordination with inside counsel, information security, sales, and finance to improve efficiency and accelerate the sales process
  • Liaise with cross-functional teams to develop, implement, and run customer lifecycle management system vision and strategy, including contract workflow and systems that provide critical business intelligence to the organization
  • Establish, update, and maintain global contract templates and policies to be used by the legal team and for empowered use by the business
  • Develop and handle performance and success metrics associated with the contracting process
  • Research practice area processes through discussions with lawyers and relevant business services professionals to identify potential areas of improvement