About LexRatio

Digitalization, new business models and technological innovations are currently changing all major industries worldwide. Legal sector has not yet benefited sufficiently from these trends. LexRatio is private research institute, knowledge base and consulting service provider in the field of LegalTech. LexRatio was established in 2019 with purpose to provide slowly developing Slovenian LegalTech market with the in-depth and concentrated information on this highly compelling field. LexRatio’s aim is to connect LegalTech enthusiasts and to help then to get necessary information and connect with right people.

LegalTech represents a fusion of business, technology and law. In simple terms, LegalTech refers to the usage of technology and software to facilitate delivery of legal services and support the legal industry.

Scope of Activities

LexRatio is performing wide range of supporting services including different LegalTech related advice, from legal consultancy to LegalTech project assistance in all stages of product development.

  1. Legal Research

    LexRatio performs creative activity and the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decision-making.

  2. Legal Assistance

    LexRatio provides legal advice, counseling and representation by a competent lawyer with sufficient expertise on the field of law related to LegalTech

  3. Legal Innovation

    LexRatio is also Legal Innovator and as such can help to set goals and create tips to make legal practice more efficient.

  4. Legal Design and Gamification

    When providing its services, LexRatio always has in mind the importance of Legal Design and Gamification. Legal design is the application of human-centered design to the world of law, to make legal systems and services more human-centered, usable, and satisfying. Gamification is a step further, where adding game elements encourage user to achieve certain goal.

  5. Legal Automation and Process Improvement

    Legal automation and process improvement is execution of legal tasks, processes, and workflows, in part or entirely performed by machines previously trained by experts.

  6. Legal Marketplace

    In the legal market, legal services are provided either by the automated platform or a lawyer. Legal marketplace aggregate legal services and facilitate its delivery to the final users. LexRatio developed its in-house LegalTech product called Legis24 which goals is break information asymmetry and make legal services more accessible to people and companies.

  7. Project Management

    Legal project management is process of adopting project management techniques in a legal context. Lawyers may often need to perform the role of project manager or play a part in a project team and it will help them, and their clients, if they understand, and can apply, some of the principles and practices. LexRatio assisted in Legal project management and has also developed its own LegalTech product called Legis24.

Our Vision

LexRatio follows the idea that LegalTech should become commonly accepted and used in everyday life. It offers valuable framework for Tech start-ups and Law companies in Slovenia, where the goal is to create value through collaboration. LexRatio’s goal is to provide a better understanding of the ongoing technology-driven transformation of the legal sector and make law more accessible, effective and cost efficient. The only way to do so, is that delivery of legal services become more rationale.

26Articles Published
12Projects Completed
20Clients Served

Brief History of LexRatio

December, 2019

LexRatio was founded with the idea to increase awarness of LegalTech in wider CEE region.

March, 2020

Lanuched web page with comprehensive information about Legal Technology.