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Below list of educational content will help you to easily browse through different sources and decide which LegalTech work is the best for your curiosity, or even more comprehensive study of particular LegalTech sub-field. At LexRatio we believe LegalTech theory and practice should go hand in hand.

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Benjamin H. Barton, Benjamin H. Barton A2J Rebooting Justice: More Technology, Fewer Lawyers, and the Future of Law The book tries to answer on one of the nation’s most pressing problems: how to provide cost effective legal assistance for those who need it most.
Mirjam Ros, Deepika Jeyakodi Legal Innovation Innovation Matrix The Innovation Matrix simplifies and structures innovation management. Start looking at innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) from a pragmatic perspective. This book will take you through three key steps (THINK-STRATEGIZE-ACT) to build an innovation and IP strategy. It includes many examples, templates, and checklists to help put theory into practice.
Dennis Kennedy Legal Innovation Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations This book is a comprehensive, practicable, and highly-readable legal innovation guide, innovators, innovators-to-be and leaders and decision-makers in law firms, law departments and legal organizations will be led through the key pieces of successful innovation processes to enhance the probability of success and decrease the probability of embarrassing and costly failures.
Desirée Moore Career Development Thrive: A New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice This book is for lawyers who want to know what their role is in a law firm from day one and take their careers head-on, with direction and purpose. This is for you if you don’t care to be frustrated or overwhelmed by your career, but awakened.
George Beaton, Imme Kaschner Law Firm Management Remaking Law Firms: Why and How The traditional law-firm business model has delivered technically excellent service at seemingly whatever cost. But the times have changed, with the global financial crisis only accelerating the price-down pressures, commoditization, and client demand for efficient, business-relevant services. To respond, law firms will have to go beyond cutting costs while preserving the general way they win work, produce work, and govern themselves.
Helena Haapio Contract Management Next Generation Contracts:
A Paradigm Shift
This work explores ways in which old habits can be changed and contracts can be developed to be more usable and useful for business. The goal is to enable contracts to be used as managerial instruments, proactively, so that the parties achieve the objectives of their collaboration, balance risk with reward, and prevent problems and disputes.
Jack Newton Law Firm Management The Client-Centered Law Firm: Get First Chapter Free The book offers a clear-eyed and timely look at how providing a client-centered experience and running an efficient, profitable law firm aren’t opposing ideas.
Kevin D. Ashley Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics: New Tools for Law Practice in the Digital Age The work is designed to explain computational processes to non-programmers – describes how they will change the practice of law, specifically by connecting computational models of legal reasoning directly with legal text, generating arguments for and against particular outcomes, predicting outcomes and explaining these predictions with reasons that legal professionals will be able to evaluate for themselves.
Kimberly Williams, John M. Facciola et. ali Legal Technology The Legal Technology Guidebook This book explores the transformational impact of new technological developments on legal practice. More specifically, it addresses knowledge management, communication, and e-discovery related technologies, and helps readers develop the project management and data analysis skills needed to effectively navigate the current, and future, landscapes.
Margaret Hagan Legal Design Law by Design The work describes design-driven approach to legal innovation. Design is the way to generate promising ideas for how legal services could be improved, and then get them developed in quick and effective ways.
Markus Hartung Legal Technology Legal Tech: A Practitioner’s Guide The book illustrates the current state as well as future developments of the digital transformation on the legal market. It thereby gives an overview of the legal tech field worldwide as well as examples of its application in order to show how and to which extent automatized workflows, artificial intelligence (AI), automatized generation of documents and contract management in law firms and companies are in use even today.
Mary Juetten Law Firm Management Small Law Firm KPIs How to Measure Your Way to Greater Profits Small Law Firm KPIs: How to Measure Your Way to Greater Profits teaches reader the business basics he/she need to run for successful to improve client satisfaction and cash received, and have a solid measurement system in place that shows the value of the firm.
Matthew Butterick   Typography
for Lawyers
This book is based on three core principles: 1.) Good typography is part of good lawyering, 2.) Legal documents are professionally published material and thus should be held to the same typographic standards, 3.) Any lawyer can master the essentials of good typography.
Michel Bénichou Career Development Innovation and Future of the Legal Profession in Europe The book is a result of CCBE conference in 2016 which addressed questions such as: how is the legal profession evolving or reinventing itself to occupy an essential place in its future? Is it possible to respect the fundamental values of the profession while meeting these challenges? Who are the key players in the innovation and positioning of the legal profession?
DeStefano Michele, Dobrauz-Saldapenna Guenther Legal Innovation New Suits: Appetite for Disruption in the Legal World This book provides a global perspective on the diverse legal service delivery ecosystem that will be our future. It provides chapter upon chapter (reason upon reason) explaining why lawyers can and should increase their appetite for disruption in the legal world
DeStefano Michele Legal Innovation Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in Law The work lays out the trifecta for success in a changed legal landscape: creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The book provides powerful evidence that collaboration toward innovation is the new value equation in law, creating stickier and more profitable client relationships.
Mike Whelan Career Development Lawyer Forward: Finding Your Place in the Future of Law “This book was written for lawyers, in particular solos, who has ever felt worn down or trapped by the shackles of traditional law practice. Lawyer and master storyteller Mike Whelan has written a highly personal, deeply engaging, and thoroughly pragmatic guide to breaking those chains and regaining the freedom to have the fulfilling legal career you always wanted.
Mitchell Kowalski Legal Innovation The Great Legal Reformation: Notes from the Field The books talks about the platforms from which yet further innovation and re-formation of the market will be driven.
Richard Susskind Legal Technology Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction To Your Future The work predicts that we are at the beginning of a period of fundamental transformation in law: a time in which we will see greater change than we have seen in the past two centuries. Where the future of the legal service will be a world of internet-based global businesses, online document production, commoditized service, legal process outsourcing, and web based simulation practice.
Richard Susskind Legal Technology Online Courts and the Future of Justice The books focus on online courts which are now moving from idea to reality, we are looking at the most fundamental change to our justice system for centuries, but the public understanding of and debate about the revolution is only just beginning.
Robert van Beek, Koen Vanderhoydonk Legal Technology #REGTECH BLACKBOOK The work teaches about latest developments of RegTech, FinTech, WealthTech from different angles illustrated by different global experts.
Stefania Passera Legal Design Beyond the wall of contract text Visualizing Contracts to Foster Understanding and Collaboration Within and Across Organizations
Verity White Legal Innovation Secrets of Productive Contracts: How to think digitally and write paperless contracts for a faster future This book will help you increase your productivity and get the contracts working for you, not against you.
Various Authors Legal Technology The LegalTech Book: The Legal Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries The LegalTech Book aggregates diverse expertise into a single, informative volume. Key industry developments are explained in detail, and critical insights from cutting-edge practitioners offer first-hand information and lessons learned


Web Pages


Legal IT Insider LegalTech News Legal IT Insider, aka “the orange rag”, is often the first publication to scoop the latest news about legaltech launches, acquisitions and high-profile industry shifts. Written and edited by UK legal journalist Caroline Hill.
LawSites Blog A blog by legal journalist Bob Ambrogi, who has been writing and speaking about legal technology, legal practice and legal ethics for more than two decades.
Prism Legal Blog A blog aimed at improving law practice efficiency and law firm business operations. Written by Ron Friedmann.
Artificial Lawyer Blog Artificial Lawyer is a blog about changing the business of law, often through the use of technology, but also through the better deployment of people inside organisations and within new business structures, as well as innovation around process improvement. Written by Richard Tromans, the blog reports on the newest legaltech news and start-ups, as well as developments around the world.
3 Geeks and a Law Blog A legaltech blog focused on the administrative side of today’s large law environment, written by authors including Toby Brown, Greg Lambert, Sophia Lisa Salazare, Casey Flaherty, Ryan McLead, and Marlene Gebauer.
Legal Tech Blog Blog A German legaltech blog founded by Micha-Manuel Bues (of Bryter) in 2015, the publication has grown to be a major platform for legaltech and innovation. The blog strives to help readers navigate through the fundamental changes in the legal industry.
Colin Levy Blog Colin Levy is a lawyer and a lifelong learner who has a passion for addressing the flaws in how lawyers are educated, the culture that lawyers are embedded within and the industry that lawyers and countless other professionals work in. Colin interviews interesting people in the world of legaltech and legal innovation and publishes these conversations on his website.
Legal Evolution LegalTech News Legal Evolution is an online publication focused on the changing legal industry, founded by Professor William Henderson of Indiana University Maurer School of Law. The mission of Legal Evolution is to provide lawyers, legal educators, and allied professionals with high-quality information to solve very difficult industry-specific problems. The content reflects a mix of theory, data, and carefully drawn examples of what is working in the field.
Dewey B Strategic Blog Dewey B Strategic is a blog that was created by editor and author Jean P. O’Grady in 2011, and covers topics from legal research to legaltech and innovation.
Above the Law LegalTech News Above the Law takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of law. The site provides news and insights about the profession’s most colorful personalities and powerful institutions, as well as original commentary on breaking legal developments.
Tower of Babel Blog Tower of Babel is a blog written by Nicola Shaver, co-founder of Legaltech Hub, about global legaltech and innovation, for vendors as well as firms and in-house legal across the world.
The Time Blawg LegalTech News Brian Inkster, founder and CEO of Inksters Solicitors and ‘Maverick’ of the Scottish legal profession, writes to express his views on the past, present and future practice of law. Brian’s intelligent yet often irreverent view of developments in the industry provide a refreshing counter-balance to other legaltech blogs.
Indian Legal Tech (ILT) Blog Indian Legal Tech (ILT) is an independent blog focused on covering India’s legal technology sector. The blog was started in November 2019 by Namit Oberoy.
Lawtomated Education Lawtomated is a collaborative legaltech learning resource. It’s aimed at lawyer and non-lawyer alike interested in, using or wanting to understand legaltech.
Dennis Kennedy Blog Dennis Kennedy is a well-known legal tech and innovation advisor, adjunct law professor, infotech lawyer, professional speaker, author, and podcaster. This is his blog.
Law21 Blog Law21: Dispatches From a Legal Profession on the Brink is the award-winning blog of Jordan Furlong, a Canadian legal sector analyst and consultant who has published numerous articles and books and addressed dozens of audiences around the world on the subject of legal services innovation. The Law21 blog, which contains more than 500 posts over nearly 15 years about the changing legal market, has recently begun to focus on issues of lawyer formation, licensing, and competence, as well as legal education and legal services regulation.



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