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Maria is a law student from Argentina who has deep interest in LegalTech. She gained knowledge through different courses, such as Legal Tech & Start Ups or The Disruption of Blockchain, etc. Her eagerness to contribute to this industry increased as soon as she started testing this technology by herself on her work, mostly related to future regulations that could be implemented on these technological advances. Thus, she encourages everyone to investigate and test them by themselves in order to discover the potential it hides.

Cracking NFTs and Intellectual Property

I.            Introduction Out of 18.400 cases filed in the federal court of the United States each year, around 12.000 are intellectual property cases[1]. Intellectual property infringements are more common than one would expect. Artists’ eagerness to prosper and fulfill their artistic career is eclipsed by these transgressions. Nevertheless, technology has advanced up to a certain point […]

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The Birth of a New Legal Era: Decentralized Justice

I.            Introduction Nowadays, phrases such as ‘the justice system can not be trusted’ have become common language. The extremely long and dense processes often lead to unresolved conflicts and miscarriage of justice. The traditional system has many times been proven as inefficient, not only for handling domestic cases, but also a large number of cases across […]

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