LegalTech Companies Landscape

There are many different classification and categorisation of LegalTech branches and service providers. Below layout is result of research based on various internet and our own resources. Our goal is to prepare comprehensive list of startups. Feel free to contact us, if you or your favorite LegalTech startup is not listed. Our list is constantly updated.

Alternative Resourcing

  • ClauseBase is a specialised and highly innovative legal document drafting platform. The software turns clauses into intelligent building blocks. By stacking these building blocks on top of one another, users can draft contracts, forms, terms and conditions, as well as myriad other legal documents, in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually and with less risk
  • F-LEX is a lawtech startup based in London which provides on-demand paralegals by connecting law students with in-house counsels and law firms for a more flexible, cost effective and scalable workforce
  • Tiempo People is a collection of highly-qualified and freelance legal consultants working flexibly. Their role is to support in-house teams in a variety of areas such as M&A, litigation, contracts, risk and IP. Tiempo People consultants behave as an extension to the corporate in-house team, are responsive and provide high-quality support
  • Lexoo is a tech-driven legal services provider offering in-house legal teams the most transparent, efficient and cost-effective way to engage quality external counsel
  • ProFinda allows organisations to better utilise the skills, knowledge and experience within their workforce. ProFinda helps build the highest performing teams by selecting people from an organisation’s global, or local, internal or alumni talent pool – providing the tools to analyze each employee’s knowledge, experience and motivations
  • Third Way Legal is an online network connecting top lawyers with the businesses that hire them. The platform gives clients a confidential forum to connect with pre-screened candidates. The network includes top banks, financial institutions and corporates, many of whom only recruit directly and won’t use recruitment agencies
  • Vaxes is a legal project management platform allowing the user to hire specialist lawyers in their sector to lead projects and achieve company objectives


Education and Training

  • E3 Compliance Training uses knowledge from the games industry to create engaging and effective training by building training courses as games. This innovative approach to compliance training works to increase the level of information retained as well as dramatically reduce the amount of follow-up time required to get staff to undertake and complete their training
  • LEX superior works to digitise, modernise and standardise legal education. LEX superior is the companion of students and trainee lawyers in the legal career. The focus of the company is the LEX superior App. It is the tool that accompanies the lawyer from the first semester of law school to beyond the legal clerkship. As a standard app for every lawyer, it contains all the federal laws and the most important  EU regulations


Legal Services Marketplace

  • Ageras are invested in adding transparency to the markets of accounting and legal services by using a matchmaking system to describe your legal case, preference of location, expertise and price. Within 48 hours you will have 3 matching accountants, bookkeepers or lawyers
  • CloudLegal is a tech-enabled legal support consultancy. They offer management of legal documents in the cloud accessible via a member’s login. Their LawChat service allows you to speak to a legal expert. They have a suite of key Legal Templates for purchase and download and a comprehensive Document CheckUp service for templates and GDPR Service options
  • Contractinbox. is a business-to-business platform, connecting users and providers of contracts, deals, leads and business paperwork in the space of e-Contracts. Their mission is to make it simple for business to do business across borders and reduce the time it takes to find and close international deals and contracts
  • TheLawSuperstore is an innovative comparison website designed to make it easier for people to get instant quotes legal services. Their aim is to simplify access to legal services by enabling legal service providers to promote their services more easily and empowering clients to find and select providers based on criteria such as reviews, location and price
  • LawyerlinQ helps law firms and corporate legal departments in attaining agility in expertise and staffing by partnering with our clients to co-create and maintain bespoke lawyer communities they supply them with a secure platform for cooperation and the sharing of knowledge
  • Le Droit Pour Moi delivers online legal and practical solutions to understand, act and enforce your rights. They have animated videos to help understand your rights along with tools and documents to help you act. The content is mainly in French language.
  • LegalDutch is a new marketing platform for modern lawyers, focused on the business market. They connect users with interesting customers to help with content creation and distribution. The right match starts with the right acquaintance
  • LegalHero is a consulting platform that, through modern technology, delivers a faster, more transparent and affordable legal service experience to Startups, SMEs and in-house counsel. Their website is in Danish language
  • LexGoApp connects users who seek legal solutions to their issues with specialist lawyers who can advise and provide their services. Once the lawyer has contacted you, you have spoken with them and start to provide your services. Once the mission has finished, consumers are asked to review the lawyer they used
  • Linkilaw provides smart and affordable legal work for startups. Linkilaw offers one-to-one online oral strategy session with legal specialists who create a detailed plan on what your startup needs right now and in the future stages of your development. You can then order Linkilaw’s customised contracts, or walk away with knowledge for the future
  • Rosetta Advisor is a marketplace that connects top law firms with advisors specialised in small and medium businesses to help your business grow
  • ENLOYA is a digital platform that connects businesses with legal solutions, that both minimizes legal costs for businesses and empowers lawyers to sell their services and collaborate with other legal professionals globally
  • INCASEOF.LAW automates legal advice for SMEs on the basis of AI. Our AI analyses client requests and consults the most suitable lawyer for the specific case based on expertise, track record etc. The software supports the lawyer along the entire consulting process, especially in case-specific information procurement, extracts from the commercial register, master data, compliance databases, and in the research of suitable legal texts, court decisions, legal commentaries etc. Thus, lawyers work much more efficiently and may offer their services at a lower price. Every case is processed within the platform via multi-channel communication, which gradually leads to better machine learning effects


Recruiting Services

  • Legal Monitor is a dedicated law firm search engine which uses artificial intelligence technology to monitor and index law firm websites. Legal Monitor offers a solution for sourcing the best legal candidates, identifying hiring trends and conducting law firm market research
  • LexStep is an online platform designed exclusively for top lawyers which makes it easier for the best candidates to connect directly with the best law firms without the need to use a third party recruiter. They believe that moving law firm should be simple and transparent and, most importantly, that the candidate should be in control
  • Route1 is a website for legal employers to post jobs and an app for lawyers to find them. Route1 is a marketplace that matches lawyers with live job vacancies based on experience and location without the need to use an agency. In November 2016, Route1 won the Best Market Places Legal Geek Award
  • Top 3 Legal is a business-to-business legal directory, aggregating content direct from law firms and lawyers, overlaid with client recommendations

Legal Practice Management

  • easyQuorum is a management software for general and director meetings. It can automate the creation of meetings and associated legal documents. Shareholders can be convened by e-mail or post creating a shareholder space giving them the possibility to send their power or vote by correspondence
  • nubbius makes it very easy to manage and organise your professional practice: software for lawyers in a secure cloud in which you access your information from your office, the courts or your home, whether with a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Autto is an easy-to-use office automation platform for legal departments, law firms and professional services. The platform breaks down processes into configurable Lego-like building blocks called actions, linking these actions allows users to build automated workflows for routine tasks
  • Hoxro LMS Case Management System is a legal case and practice management all in one system designed to solve some of the biggest pain points lawyers face with their current legal software. Every feature & functionality of Hoxro is designed to improve productivity, performance & profitability. The LegalTech landscape is going through a revolution and so Hoxro has integrated features and modules so users can work from a single screen without the need to access other software such as email, calendar and tasks


Legal Spend Management

  • Apperio is a digital platform that gives law firms and businesses real-time transparency on legal fees. Its interface creates a common language for law firms and clients, enabling the communication of progress and billing, identifying areas for improved efficiency
  • Clocktimizer is big data business intelligence software for legal professionals. It uses Natural Language Processing to mine time sheets and give the most accurate picture of what everyone’s working on in real-time
  • BusyLamp was founded by lawyers and powered by frustrated users of endless spreadsheets and clunky eBilling and management systems. Busylamp is the leading SaaS alternative for efficient enterprise legal management. They help legal departments save time, significantly reduce overhead and collaborate more effectively with inside and outside counsel by simplifying and improving their legal operations


Time and Task Recording

  • TimeApp is cost effective and smart way for companies and organisations to keep track of time and trips, customers and projects, costs and expenses. Instead of rigid, gray and boring – Martin and Daniel had built a platform that is pleasurable, cheeky and actually quite different – something that everyone can start their working day with
  • TIQtime helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery. Gain insights for growth with time capture technology

Business Development

  • Tonic Works’ QuoteXpress software refers legal matters between various parties, and is most commonly used by conveyancing firms and panel managers in order to easily keep track of referrals
  • Fliplet is an enterprise-focused app which allows you to make mobile apps for your business without any knowledge of coding or programming. Design the app with a simple ‘click-and-edit’ browser interface and choose from a number of ready-made templates. When you are done, it can be shared internally in your company or via the Fliplet Viewer application
  • PERSUIT is an outside counsel management platform which enables client organisations to scope and receive competitive and easy to compare proposals from their law firms of choice. In addition to taking the pain out of the RFP process


Client Onboarding

  • Fintact is a leading provider of customer onboarding, KYB and AML solutions to the legal profession. VCU, our AML / KYB solution fully automates client due diligence checks and AML screening in real-time in a single integrated system. VCU provides real-time access to company registries, information on directors, shareholders and UBOs as well as screens all relevant parties against sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists in a single system, delivering results in a matter of minutes.

Knowledge Search

  • INTELLLEX is a Singapore-based lawtech startup which has built an intelligent knowledge management system for legal practitioners to search for, store and share knowledge. Users can upload documents to the online platform and the software can identify the areas of law involved and suggest authorities related to the document
  • Knowlex helps you to manage, protect and share your firm’s knowledge, so that you and your team can work more efficiently
  • Nalytics from Nalanda Technology enables any individual, business user or organisation to easily and quickly search and analyse all their unstructured data, such as emails, spreadsheets, word documents or pdf files
  • Tirant Analytics Online is a general legal database that integrates all the necessary information for the legal operator. Tirant Analytics is a technologically advanced company. New computer technologies are introduced with the aim of improving service, final price and quality
  • Juriosity is a new professional network and digital self-publishing platform for legal experts. It allows legal professionals to showcase their profile and experience, engage in discussions with other experts on the latest legal developments, and share their specialist knowledge and insights by publishing articles on current topics of interest within their area of specialisation
  • Ilves is an established family company and a start-up. Our enterprise search solution brings organizational information from multiple systems into one place
  • Atomian builds cognitive computing technology and applications to extract key concepts from documents, replacing manual task forces with automated processes. Furthermore, provides the capability to make queries in natural language


Legal Analitics

  • Legalcomplex is a platform that tells you about LegalTech and RegTech all over the world. Legalcomplex creates uniquely gorgeous products to help us outsmart robots and advance a fair society. Legalcomplex is an independent initiative
  • Sibyl predicts claim outcomes using machine learning to deliver savings. Applications include legal claims, insurance claims and complaints
  • Vizlegal is a lawtech startup based in Dublin that aims to empower lawyers by indexing and graphing the relationships of all the world’s legal information


Legal Research

  • Courtsdesk is an Ireland-based legal reporting and data startup. They are creating the first publicly accessible database of court cases in the UK and Ireland which will include non-precedent cases. Courtdesk is not focused on legal precedent, but on protagonist search and creating a big-data. It will allow for searching, tracking and relationship mapping of all entities and events in the entire legal system – people, companies, judges, law firms etc.
  • Doctrine is a legal research and analytics software for legal professionals, law firms, companies, and individuals to search through the law, manage their cases, and grow their businesses. Their platform uses the latest AI technologies to analyse court decisions and provide deep insights and data analytics solutions
  • FromCounsel is an innovative fully maintained online corporate law knowledge service harnessing the collective knowledge and experience of pre-eminent barristers from Erskine Chambers and professional support lawyers from leading law firms
  • Inddubio is a collaborative knowledge platform designed for attorneys to share knowledge acquired in their cases through AI. This improves communication and processes attorneys have to face daily, identifies relevant information according to each profile and reveals missed information. Inddubio learns from each user to improve their experience with the system
  • Onna is a data integration software that connects to new media platforms, such as Slack, JIRA, and Confluence to help in-house legal departments with eDiscovery, legal holds, and risk management


News and Useful Information

  • Crafty Counsel is the home of online video for lawyers. They focus on the needs of In-House Counsel, while showcasing developments in the Law, and the practice and business of Law, across the industry as widely as possible
  • Vable is a current awareness platform that helps companies manage all their sources of information in one place to deliver the best content to their audience and help make information simple
  • Forum Bundesgerichtshof is a website run by Forum Jurisprudence. It allows to analyze, comment on and discuss each individual judgement of the high courts – Forum Bundesgerichtshof for the German Federal Court.

General Case Management

  • AgileCase is a cloud case management software that allows businesses to merge case management, customer relationship management, business process management, and document management all in one central system
  • Casedo helps user to make sense of documents. It’s a dedicated environment for seamlessly bringing together groups of interrelated documents. Documents can be reordered, linked, bookmarked and annotated in a single searchable environment
  • Hoowla is a cloud-based conveyancing platform and case management software which allows legal professionals to manage their case loads efficiently and automatically generate legal documents, submitting information to third parties such as HMRC and the Land Registry
  • InTouch is a conveyancing software which provides the automation tools to run a more effective, more profitable practice. InTouch is a complete conveyancing case management solution that embraces the power of the cloud and latest technologies to provide an unbeatable software service for conveyancers
  • Matters.Cloud provides lawyers with an easy way to manage existing clients and relationships, develop new contacts and opportunities, capture time in the office, and on the go, to collaborate with colleagues on tasks and deadlines. The platform has security in mind, built on the latest Google Cloud technology, and is available to users in 15 languages
  • Panache Software provides lawyers with a single location to manage their entire workflow with features like document generation and management, time and budget recording, and business intelligence and analytics
  • Sharedo is an adaptive platform that encompasses contract, project & resource management, time & expense recording, document generation and business insight features to aid a dynamic workflow and intelligent dis-aggregation to enable maximum efficiency of law firms operations and deliver fantastic client outcomes
  • AdvoLogix is a cloud based solution focusing on streamlining case management while capturing, prioritizing, estimating, and assigning cases to maximize team effectiveness.  AdvoLogix integrates with a wide range of legal and business applications to help organizations to improve operational efficiency.



  • inCase is a software platform that modernises the way lawyers and their clients interact. inCase keeps everybody continuously and automatically informed and updated
  • Juralio is a Scotland-based startup that developed Juralio – software to help lawyers and their clients collaborate more effectively
  • The Link App is a communication tool for law firms to communicate with their clients. The app allows solicitors to increase their productivity across the working day, by keeping clients ‘in the loop’ without the need for back and forth communication
  • Alacrity Law is a legal technology business which enhances the relationships between corporate clients and law firms using its intuitive cloud-based platform. Alacrity automates the legal instruction process to law firms allowing clients to compare fee quotes from multiple law firms, thereby optimizing the legal budgets of the clients and reducing email traffic. Features include: regular progress reporting, an ‘early warning’ where there is scope changes that leads to fee overage. The 360 feedback feature enables clients to assess law firm performance after every transaction and share it with firms. A bespoke dashboard to give deep data insights and metrics
  • tabled is a matter management platform that connects inhouse legal teams, their clients and legal service providers
  • bounsel is all-in-one contract collaboration platform offers teams real-time editing capabilities, interactive commenting tools and easy management features, an activity wall to track the contract life cycle, a system to easily get approvals, intelligent review options, automated data extraction, advanced e-signature, personalised analytics reports, and many other features


In-house Management Tools

  • Clara is a legal command center: execute agreements, manage your stakeholders, and make more informed decisions, all from a single platform


Project Management & Planing 

  • matters+ is a legal tech tool for in-house lawyers. It is fully equipped with matter, contract, and knowledge management functionality, matters+ provides a central corporate conscious for every legal team and internal clients. Rich data analytics allow you users to spot trends and predict workloads.


  • Lawyer Checker’s intelligence and data, combined with information and knowledge they have collected over many years, allows them to identify market weaknesses and failures in the legal sector. Lawyer Checker creates solutions and opportunities using technology, products and services that solve these issues by educating and protecting Lawyers
  • Post-Quantum is a start-up which commercialises defence-grade innovation in wireless and data communications by protecting the world’s information against threats


Data Privacy Compliance

  • Data Solver is a privacy management software designed to enable organisations to demonstrate their ongoing GDPR compliance
  • Kormoon (which means data in Thai) is a specialist legal technology development company, comprising a team of technology and legal experts. Kormoon is innovating legal advice in the area of data protection and privacy by intelligently bringing expert knowledge together so you get reliable answers quickly, whenever you need them
  • PersonalData.IO helps its users exercise their rights over their personal data on the internet with minimal efforts. With just a few inputs by users, our BOT (Chommy) takes in charge the cumbersome process of contacting companies and have our users’ requests executed by them. It is nice to have rights. It is better we can effectively use them
  • Seers is an online GDPR compliance one-stop shop which allows businesses to hire quality Advisors or Data protection officers for fast GDPR guidance
  • Ohalo provides automated software solutions for data discovery, mapping and subject access request needs
  • ComplyCloud’s tool creates and maintains GDPR documentation to make it easy for companies to become and to remain compliant. Our lawyers have done all the legal work and put all the compulsory controls into an automatized GDPR annual wheel including all controls and documentation


Guidance Applications

  • CE Check is a web-based service, which through a series of questions, analyses the product and list its necessary CE directives. CE Check guides the users through the EU’s complex regulations and with the system’s overall expertise, they can find all unique requirements for their products among thousands of possible combinations
  • Lean Entries is dedicated to bring convenience, speed and immersive learning into regulatory compliance. Helping organisations focus on their core activities by helping them reach basic compliance in a few days instead of weeks and months, starting from the heavily regulated Medical Device industry


Risk Management

  • Addalia develops document data validation solutions for critical business processes. Our solutions ensure capture, validation and traceability of data in a secure and efficient manner
  • Alyne is a Munich-based RegTech startup which enables organisations of all industries and sizes mature their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities
  • Certifydoc is a confidential programme that will delete all your uploaded documents with an encryption option so nobody else can gain access. It is designed for smartphones, PCs, laptops and all kinds of operating systems and browsers. It is fast, easy to use and understand
  • Clausematch is a next generation platform used by global banks for policy management and compliance. Clausematch lets you focus on what matters – managing (not guessing) the implications and regulations on your business
  • eEvidence provides an email delivery gateway designed to supply electronic evidence of the contents and delivery of email messages, unobtrusively and without calling the recipient for action. eEvidence empowers companies to trust email as a safe and cost-effective way to communicate
  • eGarante allows user to be the witness of its online communications. It certifies emails or the content of web pages to constitute future proof. All in a simple way without the need to use complex platforms and with a fixed annual economic cost
  • RightsDD is the modern slavery risk management tool. They help companies assess and address slavery risks in their supply chains and comply with various laws, including the UK Modern Slavery Act
  • VENNCOMM enables unlimited international communication with groups of contacts without concern for costs and without sacrificing availability or call quality


Regulatory Compliance

  • The PolicyStore is a Swiss-based start-up providing innovative compliance tools to help companies deliver training, comply with regulations, and reduce employee and supply chain risk
  • InsiderLog automates the management of insider information and insider lists for publicly traded companies. It’s a digital tool which saves time and ensures compliance under the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)
  • Waymark Tech uses artificial intelligence to automate the extraction of regulatory requirements and recommend the appropriate operational steps to implement within your organisation
  • Terminis is the global provider of trust solutions for the new generation of internet businesses. They certify the legal texts and contents of websites and apps so that our users can manage their online business in a much more trustworthy and safe environment. They have HQs in London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain)
  • Arachnys is a technology company that simplifies the process of conducting enhanced due diligence. It manages clients’ regulatory and reputation based risk
  • Amiqus is building online tools to improve access to civil justice. Currently, they offer AmiqusID which handles identity, anti-money laundering and compliance checks online for law firms and regulated markets
  • Enforcd is a global regulatory intelligence platform to help financial service firms embed a strong compliance culture by staying informed, identifying and predicting risk and sharing best practice throughout their firm. Enforcd is used by the Bank of England
  • Briefed is a mobile application which provides case and practice management software for barristers. It helps barristers take care of business whilst on the move
  • Capdesk provides equity management for unlisted companies with greater accuracy and efficiency. Capdesk are passionate about progressive finance, advanced technology and solving tough human problems. The company believes in democratising capital creation through spreading wealth, to benefit society as a whole
  • Libryo is a cloud-based legal compliance platform that helps organisations worldwide know the applicable EHS law for them, in every jurisdiction. Law is poorly organised, changes regularly, it’s not searchable and is written in complicated phrases. Libryo makes it easier to know the law by configuring Libryo Streams – unique site-specific collections of regulation and standards, and tracking these for legal updates, enabling people to quickly navigate regulatory complexity with certainty. Users can also complete self-assessments within the platform to see their current risk level and compliance status, encouraging brands to be actively responsible, sustainable and evidence better ESG practices
  • is a knowledge management and automation platform for legal and compliance professionals in financial services. The platform captures regulatory knowledge and structures and visualises the knowledge in line with regulatory requirements. Firm-wide regulatory knowledge becomes accessible to any one person at any time and provides automation tools that allow advisory teams to set, oversee and control self-service bots
  • Kudocs handles the unnecessary pain and cost of company secretarial and governance tasks, as well as supporting admin before, during and after corporate transactions (including company registers, Companies House filings, bulk document generation, etc.)
  • The Privacy Compliance Hub is the only solution that shows organisations how to establish and maintain privacy compliance, gives them everything they need to do it and everything that they need to demonstrate that they have done it. The Privacy Compliance Hub is one simple platform containing a comprehensive data protection compliance programme. It includes an easy to follow route map, training, templates, records and reporting, all centred around its unique Eight Privacy Promises. When an organisation complies with the Eight Privacy Promises, it is achieving continuous privacy compliance in the real world
  • Punto Neutro is a company that has as a main goal providing a solid communications channel, where companies and professionals in any field can communicate in an efficient and safe way. Punto Neutro acts as a trusted third party and always works with encrypted data and enables users to comply with the LOPD

IP Filing

  • PatentProfs is for inventors, patent holders and entrepreneurs who are struggling with their great idea. We help them by writing their patent applications and patent formalities


IP Rights Management

  • TrademarkNow provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search and watch results
  • Teqmine provides technology intelligence solutions for businesses. They have an artificial intelligence-trained patent search which allows businesses to monitor patents and analyse risks, competitors and technology trends
  • SnapDragon tackles online sales of counterfeit goods using registered intellectual property. They launched their new product Swoop which allows SMEs to detect counterfeit and copycat products on the world’s busiest online platforms and take action in real-time against online infringement
  • BlockchainyourIP is simplest solution to protect your creations and innovations . It’s a global protection solution validated by specialist lawyers, and available in less than 30 seconds.
  • LawPanel is a software platform which manages IP portfolios. It is designed for busy professionals, to empower forward-thinking IP practices to work easily, quickly and efficiently without clunky work tools
  • TripleCheck scans user’s software like an X-ray at an airport, discovering what shouldn’t be found inside the luggage of a traveler. We build the tech to find out which parts of your code are not original and pinpoint applicable licenses automatically

Contract/Document Analysis 

  • Archii is an AI document assistant that automatically identifies and organizes companies’ legal documents into uniform structure and extracts intelligence from such documents. No more wasting time by saving and searching for company files. No more loosing crucial documents or deadlines – and much more knowledge-sharing
  • Contractpedia was established with the goal of helping SMEs in the private and the public sector to manage effective contracts. Most of the contract management systems are either too complicated, expensive, not suitable for small and medium-sized organisations, or only help before signing a contract. Contractpedia is a cloud-based solutions that makes your contracts transparent so that you are fully aware of expenses and helps govern supplier relationships
  • Cognitiv+ uses artificial intelligence to provide legal and regulatory analytics to law firms, companies and consultancies helping them understand their compliance obligations
  • Hyperlex is a contract analytics & management solution powered by AI. Hyperlex helps companies manage and make the most of their contract portfolio by extracting relevant information and data to identify revenues opportunities, optimize expenses and better manage risks
  • Logical Construct’s Lyncs platform is a complete contract data management solution for financial services, designed to address the needs of legal, business and regulatory compliance. The technology uses machine learning, natural language processing and information extraction techniques to sort, extract and manage data in financial services contracts. The solution contains built in reporting and a purpose built API for integrating with in-house and 3rd party applications. Lyncs is relied on by major banks for operational processing and regulation
  • PythAgoria has more than 15 years experience in the professional publishing sector, as well as in the business sector and IT services with high added value for professionals
  • SoftLaw is one of the main leading artificial intelligence solutions for the legal profession. Trained by legal experts, this disruptive technology relies on pattern recognition and machine intelligence. Softlaw reads, understands, compares and stores contracts and clauses to find significant information. It allows you to simultaneously create your own automatic data clause knowledge-base to rely on any contract you upload for any compliance or audit work
  • TagDox makes document analysis easy, precise and fast by optimizing the process through cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Legartis makes legal work easier, faster and more efficient. Firstly, it allows to ensure contract compliance according to company guidelines within seconds. Secondly, it allows finding the relevant information across multiple contracts up to 90% faster. Thirdly, its unlocks the full legal data understanding, allowing enterprises to gain untapped business intelligence
  • RFRNZ is a Legal Tech Start Up and provides software that analyzes contracts and documents using AI supported software. This allows the most important information in contract texts and documents to be captured in a short time and contract risks to be identified. The software is suitable for the individual contract review as well as for the review of mass documents in German and English. It is suitable for use in the legal department, the compliance or purchasing department for companies with a large number of different contracts
  • Della AI provides a contract analysis platform for legal professionals. Helping business and legal professional torn between proper legal review and the need for speed, to easily identify and locate the point that matters and the red flag in their contracts, so that they can make faster business decisions while avoiding contractual issues
  • Legly uses artificial intelligence to review and provide feedback on B2B contracts before signing. This way sellers, purchasers and lawyers can do a better contract review in less time


Contract Completion 

  • ConfirmSign provide telematic communications or emails with indispensable digital logistics features in order to be considered a legal proof against third parties (Trusted Third Party). They shorten deadlines, reduce costs and increase productivity. The service can be used for notification purposes, contracts, claims, HR management, invoices and retrieves
  • Legalesign is an electronic signature platform for business. Combining contract management with signing workflows and advanced electronic signature, it is the best way to send, manage and get your business contracts signed online
  • Oathello is a Barclays Techstars Company that accelerates the signing, execution and completion of documents online for the financial system, operating a database that combines leading technology with industry intelligence to provide solutions for every instance where signing, execution and completion of documents is legally required for the movement of assets, debt, capital and transactional efficiency within the financial system
  • Scrive is an e-signing services company. They offer services for e-signing of tenders, contracts, and other documents. The company provides a multichannel solution for customer onboarding channels such as point of sale, field sales, distance sales, and web forms
  • Signaturit is a trust service provider that offers innovative solutions in the field of eSignatures, eDelivery and electronic identification (EID)
  • SignRequest’s platform enables you and your network to get documents signed. Easy, fast and affordable. They believe agreements shape the world we live in
  • Validated ID brings real identities to the digital world by helping businesses send and sign documents online and identify users and clients with maximum efficiency, security, trust and legal compliance
  • Zynyo accelerates, simplifies and improves the process of entering into agreements for organizations. Fully in line with European law, we help organisations with our cloud services to securely, efficiently and legally establish all agreements. Trough our document management platform our clients can use EU trust services for eSignatures, eSeal and eID’s easily
  • Hunit is a SaaS provider to law firms and in-house counsel. It allows users to create and manage comprehensive, legally binding smart contracts and distributed ledger-based investments without learning to write software code or using external service providers. Using purpose-built tools that integrate into today’s working environment, legal professionals can use Hunit to bring the benefits of digitalization to paper-based, multi-trillion US$ markets including alternative investments, corporate bonds and real estate. Hunit is backed by Microsoft’s ScaleUp accelerator and the UK Trade and Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Program


Document Automation

  • Bigle Legal is a SaaS platform transforming the way companies manage legal documents, enabling them to automate the process of creating their legal documents and mitigating human error, all while saving both time and money
  • Avokaado helps businesses automatically draft, negotiate and sign corporate, sales, service and human resources contracts online. The core product on the platform is the contract and service automation API for law firms, legal professionals and client self-service portal for enterprises
  • Avvoka is a digital platform enabling businesses to automatically create, e-sign and store contracts online. Avvoka is built to streamline the process of generating contracts
  • Contract Mill can help you automate your document templates and make your customised contracts in minutes. It is an intuitive and affordable document automation platform with easy on-boarding to help you to supercharge your legal work, business and processes
  • Docxpresso is an innovative tool that helps businesses to convert their Office documents into web apps. It can help any business to make a smooth transition from traditional paperwork to the digital world.
  • Green Meadow allows the user to fill out a questionnaire for a complex document in 5 minutes and get a perfectly formatted document tailored to your specific needs. You are even able to control complex variations and sub-variations via the questionnaire
  • JuriBlox is a document generation software. They also work closely with law firms to provide content based services such as the GDPR compliance tool called PrivacyBlox and a web store for legal documents called JuriDox
  • Precisely is a cloud-based contract automation platform built for modern companies. They offer automated contract creation & approvals, e-signing, digital archiving and smart monitoring of all your contracts – all in one place
  • Lexolve is a B2B product used as a service tool and developed by Lawbotics AS. It is a multi-sided platform that gives users the power to manage both templates and contracts in the same place
  • Office & Dragons automates document creation and editing for legal professionals and links documents to data in their clients’ spreadsheets. The simple, friendly application drastically reduces the time it takes to make repetitive edits to documents and ensures consistency and accuracy throughout. Whether “top and tailing” a set of precedents or filling in the names and numbers at closing, O&D helps top law firms and legal teams deliver high quality documents quickly and efficiently and redeploy legal talent to more valuable work. Users in transactional and litigation practices have saved hours and even days of time with O&D
  • Majoto is a legal automation company, focussing on contract design, automation and lifecycle. We believe clarity is the key to building successful relationships, quickly. We achieve clarity by turning contract automation into something really simple, making structured data easy, enabling our customers to design contracts that people understand and love, and to agree them in a truly collaborative way. Our first product is built on the world’s most successful business tool (spreadsheets) and the best collaboration platform (Google) combined with our thought leadership on contract design and process
  • Adapting is a software company in the legal tech industry. Adapting has developed the PAAS solution -AdaptingLegal- that supports legal and financial service providers to simplify legal processes by automating documents and workflow


Document Management

  • Documendo offers a digital solution for law firms that will implement electronic document management for internal and external documents
  • Clause is a revolutionary new platform introducing dynamic contracts which enable commercial contracts to “come alive” and autonomously manage themselves. Their proprietary, patent-pending infrastructure seamlessly integrates legally enforceable contracts with real-time data from the ‘internet of things’, web services, and business and accounting systems
  • XBundle is a software product designed for creating bundles of documents and presenting them in a simple to use electronic format
  • MyDocSafe automates the way professional services companies interact with their clients and comply with different regulations. Their main product is a secure client on-boarding and transaction platform which covers secure data capture, ID and document verification, through contract execution to payment processing and encrypted client portals
  • Monax is a contract lifecycle management tool which allows consumers to easily procure lawyer-tested agreements and stay in full control of their business contracting. Harnessing a unique combination of active agreements, blockchain technology and a business process modelling engine, the platform is designed to move business legal obligations into the networked world
  • Juro is an end-to-end contract management platform that helps businesses agree terms faster, while giving deep insight into contract data. The AI-enabled system offers contract creation, negotiation, e-signing and analytics, saving businesses up to 96% of time spent on contracts
  • eXperYenz is a management solution for your signed contracts. Scan, manage, personalise or automate alerts to help trace and optimise document and logistic flows. They provide consulting services, framing, as well as proven market solutions, for example, the traceability of couriers, parcels or the management of the contracts
  • Annotate provides smarter document collaboration that’s designed for the Digital Workplace. They provide a single, secure platform that gets teams working together seamlessly, from first draft to final sign off


Document Review

  • ThoughtRiver is contract intelligence software for the legal sector which uses machine learning to scan contracts and other legal documents and presents the information in an online dashboard which allows users to visualise risk
  • Summize enables legal teams to review their contracts quickly and efficiently. It is an intuitive and interactive software that summarises contractual points instantly and allows the management of key terms


Drafting Support

  • VQ Legal is a tool that combines well-developed templates with legal intelligence. The service is based on the legal process and aims to create well-balanced and customised documents for each case
  • Milcontratos is a tool to prepare legal documents, created by lawyers, in accordance with current legislation. Simple, accessible and always updated
  • MaNewCo is an online service to create a company made by lawyers who have specialised in business creation. Rapidly create your company using a electronic signature (same value as your own signature). Every document will be on a personal and secure safebox for 10 years
  • MaîtreData works like a legal GPS offering the best technology and advice available, along with predictive justice and intelligent treatment of your data
  • Legito is a Czech template automation software that allows users to automate their legal documents programming-free. They also offer a number of public templates that consumers can use
  • Genie AI is a machine learning company spun out from UCL’s artificial intelligence lab. Their “SuperDrafter” empowers lawyers to draft contracts with machine intelligence, providing a superior client experience. The company has 9 employees and are VC and InnovateUK funded, working with professors at Oxford, UCL and Imperial College London
  • eContractHub is a contract management solution that people and organisations use to create, review, negotiate, manage and track contracts all in one central place
  • Donna is your AI-powered executive assistant. She proofreads your contracts so that you can deliver quality work and focus on being an amazing lawyer
  • Define is an award-winning software that allows you to quickly access and edit defined terms and references in legal documents with a single click, without ever losing the context of your review. Law firms and in-house legal teams such as Dentons, Deloitte and Allen & Overy use Define to simplify the process of reviewing documents, increase efficiency and improve the accuracy of their review
  • StructureFlow is an intelligent visual modelling tool for lawyers & finance professionals. Its mission is to help its users think, communicate, and collaborate more visually, and therefore more efficiently. Founded in 2017, StructureFlow is now being used by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious professional services firms and in-house teams


Contract Lifecycle Management

  • LegalThings is a software company focusing on automating, digitising and modernising the legal industry. They provide a full suite of legal software solutions to multinationals, corporates, governments and law firms. LegalThings differentiates itself by providing a flexible solution through the use of Finite State Machines and depending on blockchain technology
  • Contractbook allows you to send, sign and store all your contracts on their platform. They provides a simple, transparent and effective workflow with easy templates and digital storage with seamless imports
  • Oneflow is not merely an e-signing provider. They believe in streamlining the entire contract process and using HTML-based contracts to free your contract data typically trapped in paper or PDF. E-contracts are also fully responsive
  • Dealsign’s mission is to make negotiating, signing and managing contracts easy and fast for businesses of every size. They make it possible to negotiate with multiple parties online, in real time, with no worries about versions and change histories. They also offer access to their contract templates
  • Datajuristes is a French startup that provides services and softwares dealing with the contract management and the GDPR compliance. We help our customers to have a better overview on their legal and contractual risks and obligations. One of our main purposes is to change the bad habits of personal data controller by enabling the implementation of our tools in their existing processes. Some of our products are open-source
  • ContractZen is a cloud solution for better corporate governance. One easy-to-use cloud service with contract and meeting management, virtual data rooms, e-signature and more
  • ContractPodAi® is one of the world’s fastest growing AI based contract management solution providers, empowering global corporations across the world. ContractPodAi® comes fully embedded with E:V® – the world’s first end to end artificially intelligent contract analyst. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, E:V® is able to fulfill the overall contract analyst function
  • Aivan.aiis an AI-based cloud service that receives, processes and stores any types of contracts with minimal effort from the user. It is suitable to be used in any organisation that utilises contracts, regardless of the size of the company or volume of contracts
  • Trakti is a peer to peer, business negotiation and contract management platform, integrated in the Blockchain, that supports and automate the entire lifecycle of commercial contracts
  • Gatekeeper is the contract management solution of choice for legal professionals. Its combination of automation and self-service tools enables your teams and departments to focus on high-value work, while maintaining flawless compliance
  • Corporify is an easy to use SaaS platform that makes the legal management of companies more practical, more accurate and more trustworthy

Litigation Analytics

  • CaseCrunch specialises in legal decision predictions. They are solving law by finding out if there is a right answer to a question of law within an objective dimension. If so, they aim to make this dimension transparent and accessible. If there is no such dimension, they want to work with the public to create it because there can be no justice without objective legal knowledge
  • Case Law Analytics is involved in litigation strategy by modelling the judicial decision process and outputting the whole decision that would be made on a given case. It offers legal professionals risk quantification solutions based on long-standing collaboration between lawyers and mathematicians and more than 20 years of work at the INRIA public research institute. Real decision aids allow communication bridges between lawyers and clients but also between legal and financial departments
  • LexIQ develops data analysis software based on machine learning and natural language processing to make legal data transparent. By analysing relevant parts of legal data and by displaying them visually, LexIQ offers new insights into legal processes
  • Predictice provides legal professionals with a decision support platform integrating concrete and strategic predictive analytics tools
  • Solomonic provides detailed information and data analytics of the critical factors that impact the outcome of a case at every step of the litigation journey


Litigation Funding

  • Lawers are independent and experienced brokers, who tell you the costs, benefits and current market situation in regard to litigation financing. They can help you through their wide range of specialised training, consulting and inter-mediation services


Litigation Funding

  • eJust is a marketplace connecting parties in dispute with an arbitrator in a secure environment to resolve their disagreement. The decision is enforceable in over 150 countries. The price of the dispute resolution service is predictable and the proceedings last 90 days in average
  • OASI is an online arbitration an alternative to traditional Arbitration and court
  • Happy Resolution provides companies with online dispute resolution services for commercial disputes easily, efficiently and early

Due Diligence

  • Orbital Witness is a LegalTech-meets-PropTech company developing a legal risk rating for real estate – a cheaper, faster and reliable alternative to the legacy, costly and time consuming legal due diligence process in property transactions
  • AVAIL is an automated real estate due diligence platform powered by artificial intelligence


Transaction Platform

  • Legatics is an end-to-end deal platform focused on efficiency and client experience. They transform traditional legal processes into simple and highly automated software that frees lawyers from administrative tasks and reduces write-offs
  • Ruby Datum offers the next generation in online data room and contract management services. Ruby Datum has a dedicated mobile user interface so you can take your virtual data room out the office
  • thedocyard is a deal management platform designed to run every stage of a transaction, from due diligence through to closing in one solution. It currently operates in Australia and the UK
  • MyNotary simplifies the relationship with the notary and accelerates your real estate sales process by resting on 3 pillars: Collaboration, Automation, Dematerialisation
  • Scribestar is an integrated drafting and workflow platform used by law firms, banks, accountancy firms and their clients to help them complete legal documents for capital markets transactions

Consumer Market Places

  • Access Solicitor is a directory for legal professionals to promote themselves and increase their online exposure, and a free resource to help consumers and SMEs more effectively employ legal support. They match individuals searching for legal services online with the skills and experience of the most suitable listed lawyers
  • Call A Lawyer is the first mobile application to put you in touch with a specialised lawyer, for a first opinion at the least expense. Immediately call a lawyer dedicated to your case, and pay 20 euros for 20 minutes. Access to justice and the best lawyers for all
  • CrowdJustice is a platform for crowdfunding litigation. It helps to raise funds, gather public support, and increase public awareness of public interest litigation cases by using the Kickstarter model to aid legal cases that would otherwise find it hard to get funded, thus helping to widen access to justice
  • Domaine Legal is here to help you simply and quickly – whether you need a legal document, or you encounter a more complex legal situation, which requires the advice or intervention of a lawyer. Simple, step-by-step instructions allow you to customize documents or settle your disputes, right up to running and managing your own legal proceedings. And to make sure it’s done right, you can always be assisted by a lawyer
  • elAbogado is a legal marketplace that generates clients for lawyers, and help individuals an businesses to find the right lawyers in their City (in Spain). The lawyers setup a price for each lead that they will get
  • find my Notary aims to bring this oldest of professions to the modern consumer
  • Lakivä is a search service where you can find experts from all fields of law. You can apply for a lawsuit from a lawyer or a law firm. Our goal is to collect all legal service providers in one place to make it easy and quick for a lawyer to find a suitable expert
  • JustBeagle is a location-based legal price comparison website where registration is not required and no personal data is harvested.  It allows users to quickly find all legal service providers close to chosen location and show any fixed fee prices available
  • LexSnap uses a sophisticated algorithm based questionnaire to offer their users efficient access to family and immigration legal information. LexSnap offers a range of packages on family law issues including divorce, surrogacy and adoption. For users who require a more bespoke response, LexSnap has a legal marketplace which matches users with a lawyer at a transparent and competitive rate
  • Mon Avocat facilitates the connection between lawyers and litigants. Easy to access, the site allows lawyers to manage their digital presence and access a more diverse clientele. All the tools are there for lawyers to get in touch with their future clients. In addition, fees can be paid online or by credit card. The client has access to all the information on the lawyer that they need. It simplifies access to law and helps lawyers in their digital transformation
  • myBarrister is the leading online platform for Direct Access Barristers that matches the legal needs of businesses and individuals with the skills of leading barristers, enabling the client to find precisely the legal expert they need. myBarrister makes it possible for individuals and businesses easily to reach a barrister who can solve their legal problem quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • MyLegalAdviser is an online legal marketplace making it easy for consumers and businesses to find a lawyer. Clients post a job on their site and within hours they match them with the best quotes from the hundreds of rated lawyers on our service
  • Nemo Jus is the online Interprofessional Legal and Accounting platform aimed to answer all the problems from parasitic calls to funding and sponsorship
  • Oratto connects consumers with lawyers. Free to use for the consumer, the Oratto website contains useful information and legal articles, accompanied on each page by related lawyer profiles
  • PingaLawyer is a web-based application connecting Scottish law firms with the people and businesses who need their legal specialism services
  • ReviewSolicitors is a client-led review platform focusing on the UK legal market, including an extensive library of information and articles about the Law and legal processes
  • tuAppbogado is a service company that provides, through an APP and web platform, potential clients and business opportunities to lawyers subscribed through LEDs
  • UNAES is a digital platform for locating specialist lawyers and bring together experts in the main areas of law, so that each legal issue is dealt with by competent professionals
  • Votre Robin is a confidential service that allows individuals to find lawyers quickly and easily without having to search through lists. Votre Robin has a network of 500 partners throughout France selected for their skills. Ultimately it is in the individuals’ choice whether to work with the chosen lawyer or not after a first consultation
  • GOlegal understands and offers you: affordable and known in advance, responsive lawyers and easy-to-apply advice. If a legal department can help you in your business, GOlegal is there for you
  • Teal Legal was created to scope and deliver innovations in transforming how legal services are delivered.  By leveraging technology where possible to improve customer experience they aim to keep in line with the change in legal services and customer expectation
  • runs a legal-services marketplace that helps individuals and companies find, compare and hire a lawyer for any legal case online
  • lexdigo is SaaS for lawyers that works like a cloud office. We want lawyers can do the same they do with their clients in their physical office through our virtual office. We offer videoconferences, online consultations, upload and storage of documentation in the cloud and the first advanced digital signature system through video with blockchain hashing technology
  • Corporify is an easy to use SaaS platform that makes the legal management of companies more practical, more accurate and more trustworthy
  • Lexly is the leading legal tech pioneer in the Nordics. Pursuing the vision of making justice accessible to all, Lexly was the first company in Europe to create a scalable platform for legal services. They partner with banks, insurance companies and accounting firms to offer a seamless customer experience. Headquartered in Stockholm, Lexly is also located in Helsinki, Finland and Sao Paolo, Brazil



  • Quarande a free App that helps workers claim in dismissal, unpaid wages, termination of contract or any other work-related issue cases


Legal Services

  • Appjection delivers access to justice for everyone in the Netherlands. By simply uploading a photo of your traffic fine to Appjection, they can check if there is anything wrong with it. If so, Appjection will automatically make an objection with no charges. They believe that everyone should be able to assert his or her rights, not only those who can afford it
  • Demander Justice is a French online platform which enables consumers and employees to settle their everyday disputes avoiding costly lawyers’ fees
  • Indemniflight is a fund recovery company specialising in air transport and compensation for late cancellation or overbooking of flights
  • Indemniza.Me judicially demand compensation from airlines and banks: delays, cancellations, land clauses, mortgage expenses, revolving cards and so on – without any risk to the client
  • JuriPhone is a portal and directory for legal information. As an accelerator of justice, it is trying to make law and justice more accessible
  • Kleros provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything. It is a decentralised application based on an ethereum project
  • legalbono uses innovative technology and qualified staff to study your case and assess its viability to work it on a Win-No Fee basis. They look for other possible legal claims that you may have and not be aware of. Helping you getting back what belongs to you at no cost. Acting local you can make your claim anywhere, anytime
  • Legaline specialises in claims by using the most advanced technology and a first class team to defend the interests and rights of people. They are committed to being with you and helping you throughout the process. Claim Free from home and they will fight for your rights – informing you of any change in the status of your claim until you get your money back
  • Reclamador allow user to manage its claims with your computer or phone
  • DIGURA gives tenants who rent a property a free assessment where there is conflict with their landlord. For example, if their landlord demands the full deposit upon vacation or the rent is too high. They will help you find out if you’re entitled to a reduction or refund
  • PymeLegal is a cloud platform that offers an adaptation and audit service for SMEs, self-employed workers and communities of owners
  • BizBot automates company’s administration. It can incorporate of a limited company and get you a bank account at the same time. All reporting goes automatically to the government agencies. BizBot can handle your capital and do all the legal work when you issue new shares
  • LawBite is an online, virtual law firm that takes SME’s from Idea to Ideal as they start, grow and succeed by providing affordable, understandable advice from expert, regulated lawyers. Lawbite wraps the expert’s advice around their online Platform delivering the best legal software, technology tools and documents
  • La Fabrique Juridique is user’s future lawyer, a specialist in labor law and online 24 hours a day. They offer a list of more than 150 labor law documents, all written to measure and at the request of specialist lawyers. The platform gives the opportunity to ask legal questions to their lawyers and ensure legal follow-up via On-Line consultations
  • atkins-shield is a legal help desk portal for legal topics on personal & family, business and Brexit + legal templates and legal advice
  • Online SoluEon AForney (OSA) is a legal start-up positioning itself to become an international marketplace actor in proposing online legal services. OSA Services connects individuals and enterprises that need a legal service with aForneys-at-law/lawyers as law experts (« aForneys » ) ready to provide such legal service
  • SomeBuddy app protects and gives first-aid to the victims of cyberbullying and online harassment. SomeBuddy is a truly unique way of providing help to those who have been insulted or abused online. Based on the national and international laws, SomeBuddy can offer regionally tailored legal and psychological help that empowers the user to tackle the situation and take the actions needed to end the negative episode in their lives. SomeBuddy makes use of AI and machine learning to be able to offer the best help and solutions to large audiences
  • Find Others provides a central hub for victims of injustices to unite and take action. We also provide legal professionals with comprehensive tools to efficiently manage group cases, from instigation through to resolution


Real Estate

  • Thirdfort is an FCA regulated firm for property professionals offering data driven tools to verify clients’ identity, validate the source of funds and facilitate movement of money. Clients of lawyers using Thirdfort will receive a more digital transaction experience with a streamlined onboard, added security and transparency during property exchange



  • Dinarv is an online platform that makes it easy and affordable to create a legal will. It takes 30 mins to create a will, whenever user like and at affordable price
  • Farewill’s mission is to change the way the world deals with death. By blending smart technology with outstanding customer service, Farewill is making everything to do with death easier, faster and fairer. Whether it’s writing a will, applying for probate or arranging a cremation, they help people handle everything from the comfort and privacy of their own homes
  • WillSuite ia a Cloud-based intelligent document production and management package for estate planners and solicitors in the UK
  • Exizent is the industry platform for people involved with managing the bereavement process. They use technology to connect data, services and the network of people all in one place to improve the experience for everybody
  • FRisk is a cloud-based software service designed for clients of Financial Advisors and Will Writers, as well as individuals, who have yet to make proper arrangements for their families in the event of their death or mental incapacity. FRisk takes information from the user and immediately generates a personalised interactive report telling them what would have happened had they died or lost capacity yesterday


Dispute Resolution

  • Claim It offers a “no cure, no pay” service (compensation of up to €600) to passengers whose flight got delayed, cancelled or overbooked
  • DoNotPay is made up of over 1,000 chatbots that can support you with any number of difficult legal situations without the need of a costly lawyer. Simply explain the issue you are looking for legal support with and DoNotPay will direct you to the most appropriate resources. The service can be used in the UK and US
  • is a platform of expert lawyers in compensation claims. It provides clients with complete advice and an efficient follow-up service
  • Winu was developed with its own technology. It allows individuals to make online claims from anywhere at any time with their own online area
  • iubel is an instant legal protection – small claim litigation funding


Legal Docs as a Service

  • legalydocs is an online legal services company intended for small businesses and individuals. The areas of expertise are commercial law and personal law. legalydocs allows you to create your own personalised contract online without having to leave your home and get a totally personalised service
  • Sopimustieto is a contract machine, which allows you to independently create legally-valid private life contracts from testimonials to testaments automatically
  • TestaViva is a digital platform where individuals can easily and free of charge create, store and archive important legal documents such as wills, prenups, other family law, insurance and pension documents
  • Unpaid capitalizes on a legislative amendment and allows companies to force payment of unpaid invoices legally, without court intervention. clients don’t need to visit a court anymore, but they will receive an enforceable ruling
  • Sparqa Legal is a digital lawyer trusted by 7000+ businesses. With thousands of answers to legal questions and hundreds of customisable contracts and documents to help SME’s self-serve their legal needs
  • Contracts Done is an automated, efficient and electronically signed contracting tools for many different users
  • JUST: Access aims to leverage the power of technology to develop solutions that aim to improve access to justice
  • DineArvinger is specialized in family and inheritance law and have several years of experience in advising and preparing correct wills, marriage contracts, etc.
  • Doc2 is revolutionising how SMEs create, send and eSign contracts from their existing contract templates



  • amicable is a ground-breaking, innovative approach to divorce and separation