LegalTech Organisations & Events

The speed of tech innovation around the world is impressive – and it’s no different in the legal industry. With demand for new business models, a greater need for cybersecurity, and new technologies on the market, it’s more important than ever for legal professionals to stay on the cutting-edge. Below is a list of must-visit LegalTech events & conferences. The list is constantly updated.

  • International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw) is a global organization for legal professionals focused on technology and law. ITechLaw has been serving the technology law community worldwide since 1971. Their mission is to create unparalleled opportunities for international networking and exchanging knowledge and experience with experts and colleagues around the world. ITechLaw organizes online and offline events on a regular basis. 
  • LEGAL GEEK was founded in 2015 as a legal tech startup community. Its goal is to bring changes to the legal industry by connecting, informing and inspiring. The very first Legal Geek event with 30 people eating pizza and drinking beer was organized in a basement of a startup warehouse in San Francisco. Now, their events are attended by many LegalTech enthusiasts from worldwide.  
  • The Legal Innovation & Tech Fest hones in on three distinct areas of the industry: Innovation & Tech, Client Experience & Marketing, and Skills of the Future. Click to access to the event.
  • Future Lawyer Week is a 3 part event series covering the UK, USA and Asia. The Future Lawyer Week events are interactive legal innovation conferences designed to combine current and future knowledge and tech trends created to push thought provoking conversations for the legal in-house counsels and private practice law firms.
  • The LEGAL REVOLUTION Expo & Congress merges an exhibition and congress for legal innovation, business and change management, and the law of the digital economy, forming Europe’s premier legal innovation events, including workshops, for legal departments, compliance departments, and law firms.
  • Legal Innovators is for everyone who wants to learn, to share, and meet their peers. It’s for people just starting to explore this area, as well as for those who are already very experienced but want to know what is now ‘market standard’ in this rapidly changing field.
  • Legalweek brings together thousands of legal professionals for a series of innovative virtual legal events that tackle the changing legal landscape and provide actionable insights to help legal leaders restructure, rebuild and reinvigorate today’s law firms and legal departments. The Legalweek virtual series aims to serve as the anchor for the legal community during an unprecedented time, as well as a guide throughout the coming year to inform legal professionals of emerging trends, cutting edge legal technology and expert analysis of the tectonic shifts in the industry.
  • The Legal Tech Center has hosted a handful of legal tech events in Berlin, Paris and Zurich throughout the past few years, and they’re definitely great ones to keep an eye out for in the future. In addition to talks and workshops, the events also boast hackathons – which bring together innovators, developers and lawyers to brainstorm and prototype new innovation ideas in the legal tech realm.
  • LawFest is the place to discover how to transform the way you practice law. Learn from others, connect with innovators and discover technology that matters to you and your business. In addition, it offers on demand access to past events, while organizing regular LegalTech events.
  • As Europe’s largest legal technology conference and exhibition, The British Legal Technology Forum brings together the most respected professionals from both the legal and commercial technology sectors to examine and explore the systems, strategies, processes and platforms that will drive law firms and legal businesses into the next decade and beyond.
  • The main objective of European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) is to strengthen legal technology (Legal Tech) at a European level. Its goal is to represent the interests of our members. The Association is actively involved in social and political debate in order to speak up for the concerns and interests of our members and to strengthen the position of legal technology in the European legal market through regular events.
  • At CodeX, researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists work side-by-side to advance the frontier of legal technology, bringing new levels of legal efficiency, transparency, and access to legal systems around the world. CodeX’s emphasis is on the research and development of computational law (complaw) — the branch of legal informatics concerned with the mechanization of legal reasoning. CodeX organizes Weekly CodeX Meetings and different insightful events.
  • Lexpo also offers a unique opportunity to connect with renowned industry experts, leading providers of legaltech software and services, and to hear from other innovative law firms and in-house legal departments and learn lessons from their pioneering approaches. It organizes regular annual events.
  • The Israel Tech&Law department hosts a variety of networking events, conventions, professional seminars and lectures in the field of legal tech, in order to spread the legal tech news across the startup nation. Ther goal is to offer the community our knowledge and experience, and to keep assisting the market in becoming more efficient and optimal.
  • Legal Accelerators is an international conference and exhibition dedicated to legal technology & innovation which is organized on an annual basis.
  • SwissLegal Tech Association (SLTA) is set-up as a Swiss non-profit organization. Its mission is to support the legal industry with a better understanding of the legal technology market. The Association organizes regular LegalTech events.
  • Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) is a member-run organization made up of active legal operations professionals, each one devoted to driving innovation and positive change within the industry. CLOC provides education, networking, and collaboration opportunities through their events to in-house legal professionals worldwide, creating a wealth of actionable content to promote the development and standardization of practices that reduce costs and streamline operations.
  • Liquid Legal Institute is an open and interdisciplinary platform for promoting a new way of thinking in the legal sector. Digitalization, new business models and technological innovations are currently changing all major industries worldwide. However, the legal sector has not yet benefited sufficiently from these trends. The Liquid Legal Institute was founded by seven experts from the legal practice, design thinking and computer science to close this gap.