In below section you will find different LegalTech related podcasts. LegalTech podcasts are usually released as a series with new episodes available at regular intervals. Episodes vary in length and there is no standard time for podcasts, so you can listen them whenever and wherever you want to.

Blacklines & BillablesLegal InnovationExploring law firm associate success and the cutting edge of legal technology and innovationhttps://blacklinesandbillables.com/category/podcast/
Checklist Legal Legal InnovationPodcast are covering different LegalTech topics mainly focused on contract process optimisationhttp://www.checklistlegal.com/category/podcast/
Doing Law Differently Legal Innovation The Doing Law Differently podcast takes a practical look at the behind-the-scenes of progressive law companies who are reinventing legal practice and transforming the profession for the better.  http://www.lucydickens.com.au/doing-law-differently/
Evolve the lawLegal InnovationPodcasts about different topics related to legal innovation.https://abovethelaw.com/legal-innovation-center/category/podcasts/
Fringe LegalLegal ProfessionA podcast by Abhijat Saraswat discussing the future of the legal profession, aimed at law firm leaders and influencers. Each episode involves guest speakers discussing ideas impacting the evolution of the legal profession.https://www.fringelegal.com/
Geek in Review Legal Innovation The Geek In Review is hosted by Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert whos discuss current events in legal innovation and interview key players in the legal marketplace.https://www.geeklawblog.com/podcast
LawAPoint NewLaw Legal InnovationGerman LegalTech podcasts is covering topics related to Legal Technology, Digitalisation, NewWork for lawyers, etc.https://newlaw.podigee.io/
Lawsome Legal InnovationLAWsome is the weekly podcast for lawyers, law firms and legal industry professionals. We’re here to inform, educate and entertain the legal community about the latest in personal and professional development.https://www.consultwebs.com/podcast
Lawyers On Fire Legal InnovationGerman LegalTech podcast hosted by prof. Dr. Jochen Deister and Dr. Carsten Reimann covers topics related to Legal Automation and AI in Law.https://lawyers-on-fire.com/
Legal Talk Network Legal InnovationThis well known podcast includes different general and also LegalTech related topics.https://legaltalknetwork.com/
Legal tech StartUp FocusLegal TechnologyOn this podcast, Charlie Uniman will be interviewing the people who build, invest in, comment on and use the apps made by LegalTech startups.https://legalfocus.libsyn.com/
Legaltech Academy Legal InnovationPodcast and an educational platform for those who want to be more than just A lawyerhttps://legaltech-academy.simplecast.com/
Matters Legal TechnologyMatters, a podcast from Clio, focuses on the concept of client-centered legal practice. The season brings legal professionals, industry experts, and innovators from other sectorshttps://www.clio.com/podcast/
Modern LawyerLegal InnovationJoin Anand Upadhye as he speaks to giants in the legal industry about rapid change in legal technology and the business of law.http://modernlawyerpod.com/
Reimagining Justice Legal InnovationPodcast hosted by Andrea Perry Petersen includes talk with different innovative experts to increase access to justice.http://www.andreaperrypetersen.com.au/podcast/
Talking Legal Tech Legal TechnologyAnother German podcast covering different LegalTech related topics.https://open.spotify.com/show/4c5356FOCNiyslAb1XyA1d?si=EoCm5bXUQvyRx2iK-Z2t0w&nd=1
The Future Law Podcast Legal InnovationThis podcast ais about understanding these changes, and not being overwhelmed by the prospect of disruptive innovation. 
The Future of Law Podcast Legal InnovationExploring what it means to be a lawyer/law firm of the future. Join Tessa and Quddus, two entrepreneurs working on each edge of the planet, bringing you the innovators that are pushing the needle and working on the avant garde across the globe.https://anchor.fm/the-future-of-law-podcast
The Gen Y Lawyer Legal InnovationThis podcast is dedicated to the hard-working, goal-digging, world-changing, adventure-seeking, fulfillment-chasing, “We can do ANYTHING we put our minds to” Millennial attorneys and entrepreneurs.https://www.genylawyer.com/
The Law Entrepreneur Legal InnovationThis podcasts is covering general Legal Innovation other legal practice related topicshttps://thelawentrepreneur.com/episodes/
The Lawyerist Legal InnovationThe Lawyerist Podcast is a show about the future of lawyering and law practice hosted by Aaron Street and Stephanie Everett. Every week we feature conversations with successful lawyers, innovative thought leaders, and other creative people helping to shape the future of legal practice.https://lawyerist.com/podcast/
The Leading Lawyer Legal InnovationThis is a podcast featuring interviews with Law Firm Partners, General Counsels, Legal Leaders and rising stars, uncovering the personalities, traits and habits of the legal industry’s top-performers.New episodes every Wednesday.https://www.buzzsprout.com/1137191
The Legalpreneurs Sandbox Legal Innovation This practical Podcast covers wide range of Legal innovation and Legal Technology related topics.https://tlpsb.libsyn.com/
Two Lawyers and a Human Legal Innovation“Two Lawyers and a Human” is a podcast for change leaders in the legal industry. In this podcast, hosts invite legal innovators and explore how to make lawyers adopt and embrace change: what is holding the legal industry back and how might we introduce and leverage best practices from other industries.https://anchor.fm/changelegal