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Rajaa Dawi is a Lebanese Legal Professional specialized in International Business. She is an LLM graduate in International Economic Law From Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, France, with 3 years of experience in working in LawFirms between Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. Her field of expertise includes company law and contract law. Rajaa has a huge interest the field of legal technology. She believes that legal transformation is vital to accelerate legal practice which can be done by automating several time taking manual tasks to provide faster, economical and time saving access to Justice.

Contracts Standardization

I.            Introduction During their daily work many practicing lawyers spent significant amount of time reviewing and preparing contracts as well as other legal documents. Most of these contracts include, more or less, the same legal concepts expressed through different words. Reviewing and drafting contracts can sometimes be costly, time-consuming and might slow down the businesses. In […]

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