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Ines is Slovenian LegalTech enthusiast who just started to explore the field LegalTech and has an interest in international law.

The Positive Impact of LegalTech for Mental Health of Legal Professionals

I.            Introduction In recent years, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of physical and mental health. The latter has been a topic of discussion among people and experts for many years, especially after the two-year-long pandemic. Poor mental health is a silent but complex issue which still has a lot of stigma, especially in […]

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Legal Chatbots and Increasing Productivity of Legal Practice

I.            Introduction Although the trend in recent years is changing, the “time is money” aphorism is still present among lawyers since most of them charge for their services on an hourly basis. However, not every task of running a legal practice is billable, in fact, most of them are not. 2020 Legal Trends Report found that law firms […]

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