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Hossam Hesham is an Egyptian legal professional with experience that encompasses working as an in-house banking lawyer, preceded by law firm experience, and most recently he has added to his professional career an experience in banking governance in Italy. Hossam’s experience has an emphasis on contracts and legal advisory. As a passionate lawyer about legal technology, he pursued postgraduate studies and has been conferred a Master’s Degree in Law with a specialization in LegalTech from Lithuania. Hossam has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2015.

Could ChatGPT be a Good Alternative for Legal Counsels?

I.            Introduction Very recently we have seen a flood of articles and online discussions accompanied by waves of enthusiastic opinions, about the use of the trending software solution ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a tool which use Artificial Intelligence to chat, answer questions, create content, write code and debug, take tests, manipulate data, explain and tutor. What is more ChatGPT can […]

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Virtual Law Firms and Their Impact on the Legal Industry

I.            Introduction For a long time technology has been a catalyst for change through empowering organizations to increase their productivity and offer opportunity to adopt more competitive business models rather than those traditional ones. As part of this change, we recently started to witness the increased number of “virtual law firms” that are redefining the shape […]

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How to Create Simple Smart Contract

I.            Introduction It can be quite challenging, especially if you are new to this field, to learn and understand the technology supporting smart contracts. Even experienced developers are frequently taken aback by how complicated creation of smart contracts might be. With this article, our intent is to delve into basic technical details of creating smart contracts. […]

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Introduction to Smart Contracts

I.            Introduction Smart contracts are becoming more and more important and represent an integral component of many digital platforms and applications through the usage of Blockchain. In this article, we shall pinpoint what you need to know as to what are smart contracts, their advantages, and spotlight some functions of smart contracts through to their actual […]

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