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Gvantsa Chaduneli is a Georgian legal professional having many years’ experience in the public as well as private sector. Gvantsa holds the Master 1 and Master 2 degrees in business and comparative law from Panthéon -Assas University (Paris 2). Currently she is working on her PhD thesis within Panthéon -Assas University and she is an affiliated researcher at Center for European Law (Paris). At the same time, she continues her career as the head of unit at the Georgian National Competition Agency. Her field of expertise includes contract law, competition law, intellectual property law, EU-Georgia association matters. She is interested in the digital transformation of law as a simpler and more accessible way to justice.

The Digital Transformation of Law: What is Relevance for Developing Countries?

I.            Introduction The legal industry as a whole is rapidly continuing to automate, digitize and innovate. Digitization is gaining in more importance, between countries that have successfully adapted to the increased use of digital technologies and those that have not and therefore risk being left behind. Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the digitalised legal service is […]

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