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Adriana Mendonça is a legal professional with master's degree in Administrative Law, from Coimbra University (Portugal). She is starting her professional journey in the field of legal operations. Moreover, she is passionate about learning new things, legal ops, technologies and project management. As a lawyer she worked mostly in the public sector and as a researcher, whereas she also has experience in public administration, political, social and economic issues, consumer law, multiculturalism and human rights, therefore she is able to take holistic approach when solving legal problems

A Change Towards How Law Firms and Legal Departments Work (Legal Operations)

I.            What is legal operations? Legal operations or shortly legal ops is not a new concept. It is obtaining more and more worldwide recognition in the legal sector as law firms and legal departments constantly seek ways to create operational efficiencies in their legal teams. Legal operations refer to the improvement of the operations of law […]

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