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Are Alternative Legal Service Providers an Ally or a Threat to Law Firms?

I.            Introduction This article challenges the belief that only traditional law firms can provide legal services and legal advice. Those who think that “traditional” means the impossibility to change should ask themselves how and when the law firm emerged in the first place. Hence, it’s time to accept that a new era in the provision of legal services has […]

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How LegalTech Digital Platforms can Accelerate Development of Entire LegalTech Sector

During the pandemic we have seen many incentives and new legal tech solutions in legal market, especially as the legal industry scrambled to accommodate remote workflows during the pandemic. What is more, in 2021, the LegalTech market generated revenues of 18.43 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, with the market forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of […]

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How Data Visualisation Can Support Legal Sector

The legal industry has not fully embrace the potential of legal data. Legal data represents various data included in different sources of law, from legal theory data to data generated through legal practice. Legal documents, legal knowledge base, spreadsheets, billing systems, policies, emails and external data sources such as case law and legislation are stored […]

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