As more and more individuals become aware of online vulnerabilities, the security of personal information and what exactly companies do with it is a very hot topic. Active web users are increasingly aware of the amount of data they leave behind with their consent, but many are still unaware of this. It is also important what happens to this data after the user of the service or product stops using it.

LibreBeat helps individuals and companies to easily obtain the right to delete data, which is of course required by law (GDPR in the EU, CCPA in California). This is not only to guarantee the right to erasure, but also one of the basic rights of users to control their own data. The authorized and unauthorized processing of data makes it increasingly difficult for people to maintain control over their personal data.

LibreBeat helps to automate the process of obtaining those data (location, email, access to photos, other personal data) that are not necessary for the company’s business (accounts, …), and also allows companies to manage the data of individuals more easily if they need to be deleted.