Even though people and companies are becoming more and more technology aware, users of legal advice find it quite challenging when seeking a competent legal expert. What is more, clients expects that legal service will be provided when they need it and where they need it (“Just in time and just enough of legal services”). One the other hand, information asymmetry (e.g. user is not aware that he/she has legal problem, user has not enough information to access competent legal expert) is one of the reasons why many “potential” clients decide not to exercise their legal rights or try to handle the matter by therown.

Legis24 is our very own LegalTech product. Its goal is to break information asymmetry and connect clients with legal expert through one single platform with all necessary digital tools. Legis24 has following features:

  • access to competent and trustfull legal experts;
  • matching clients with legal experts by support of special algorithm;
  • on-demand access to legal services;
  • digital storage of documents and case management system accessed 24/7;
  • up-to date matter status information;
  • cost transparency;
  • chat function and file exchange option;
  • video-calls;
  • commonly used legal documents repository;
  • safe and reliable service.

Our platform provides unique experience while considering the client’s needs when searching for a legal expert. It reduces the matchmaking time and information asymmetries through the power of Internet and Mobile technologies. Legis24 ultimate goal is increasing access to general legal services, enhance legal certainty and empower users to exercise their legal rights effectively.