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Lex Ratio consider Legal Technology or shortly and more attractively LegalTech as software solutions and technologies which are used by law firms or legal teams to facilitate their processes and improve their effectiveness. LegalTech is a result of Legal Innovation and can be named as ‘the driver of the legal industry’ to succeed the process of digital transformation. The aim of LegalTech is to simplify operations, optimize current workflows and improve the overall management of knowledge and information that exists in law firms or enterprises.

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    Classification of LegalTech

    Classification of LegalTech is a list of different commonly known and used resources with attempt to group similar activities together, so the entire LegalTech community can have general overview of the industry structure.

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    LegalTech Startup Landscape

    LegalTech Startup Landscape represents classification and categorisation of LegalTech branches and service providers.

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    LegalTech Events & Conferences

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